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Our company, ALUPERFECTION HELLAS S.A., is one of the leading aluminium and iron applications firm in the building industry.

We specialize in the construction and placement of exterior aluminium casings, curtain walls and aluminium tread plate or panel coatings but we are also involved with a variety of iron and INOX applications as well.

Having successfully completed notable projects such as the Athens 2004 Olympic Games facilities, shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, exclusive hotels and luxury residences both domestically and globally (in France, Belgium, Switzerland, England, the USA, Qatar, Israel, Algeria etc.), we are reasonably confident that our services will be offered to you with speed, reliability and the utmost professionalism.

Any work, no matter its size or technical difficulty will be ready on schedule and according to the quality standards set by our customers, thanks to the extensive expertise and knowledge of our engineers, the training and experience of our crews and the usage of cutting-edge aluminium processing technology, all of which can be at your disposal.

Our privately-owned installations are located in the Industrial Zone of Oinofyta and house a 4800 square meter facility, capable of providing the necessary comfort for all the required equipment that comprise the assembly line. In addition to that, it serves as a temporary storage warehouse for any construction yet to be delivered, contains office workplaces in a two floored wing, separated from the main building and includes a study department, which consists of highly qualified mechanical engineers utilizing advanced technology (AUTOCAD, FP-PRO), to enhance the productivity, efficiency and attention to detail in our projects as well as supplying specific and sustainable solutions

in the majority of situations we might encounter via their constantly expanding know-how.

The aluminum systems used by ALUPERFECTION HELLAS S.A. are products of renowned firms in the market such as SCHÜCO, ETEM, ALUMIL, EUROPA, EXALCO and many more.